Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Upcoming Fashion Designer,Morayo Aminat Zaid (MAZ Couture)

MAZ Couture started in August of the year 2012 with the goal of
catering to needs of women who seek a resounding fashionable
statement. Using the ankara and other great fabrics as a focal point,
MAZ Couture has been able to spawn all sorts of feminine wears and
accessories which may be casual or sophisticated depending on
individual taste.

Inspired by the current fashion trends and their personal conception
of style, MAZ Couture has been able to live up to their mission of
‘putting the ankara fabric in vogue again and clearing the air on the
notion that the ankara fabric is a boring one’; making it up to their
targeted clients who are those of the younger generation who’ll rather
go for the funky, trendy and always classy pieces.

MAZ Couture has also been exhibited at the ‘Youthrave fashion show’
and ‘Unvielled fashion show’.

Contact :07066550652
Twitter : @mynamaz
Email :  zaidmorayo@yahoo.com

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