Saturday, 9 February 2013

LOCKDOWN NIGHT with Vector & Chidinma @ Rumour's Lounge Ikeja

 Please pay a close attention to the Fashion items especially the accessories and remember to drop you comment (who ROCKS and who SUCKS in Fashion Combos).

hmmm! Imagine Omo Baba's combo for the Celebrity LockDown Night. we think it's a bit...(don't wanna finish that) 'what do you' 

Chidinma's Bangles for the Night... Ladies what do you think? was she on point or off point?

wwwwwhat! Take a good look at her and tell me it's still the same MTN Project Fame Winner...

She must have been 'living good' she's looking much bigger or is it my eyes?

 well, peepz this was her picture @ her LockDown nite... was her outfit on point?

Definitely, Ladies would love this!

check put Chidinma's footwear for the night.

whatcha think?

Omo Baba with one of our crew.

Chidinma with Bayo (fotoFASHION crew member)

Now!!!! Omo Baba's Shoe!

Pay close attention to Vector's WRIST WATCH (G-Shock)...
what version is it? Cheaper or Premium?

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