Thursday, 9 May 2013

Meet FFL Boss,Lola Lawson...........

Fashion for life, better known as FFL was created by Lola Adewole in 2006. Lola’s first design was created out of boredom, at a time when she was idly waiting for her post graduate result in the UK.  Her love for arts and fashion inspired her to pursue creating a brand, which now encompasses all fashion facets, and embraces fashion as a life style.

Full Names:              Lola Adewole Lawson
Schools Attended:    NNSS. OJO, University of Bedfordshire
Hobbies:                   Travelling to exotic destinations

Name of Business:   Fashion For Life (FFL)
Main Services of Business: Fashion designing and Merchandising
Target Clients:   Generally speaking, Men and Women aged 18-45.
However, I have a genuine reluctance to “pigeon-hole” people based on age, etc.
Therefore, the designs reflect an attempt to appeal to different personalities within this age bracket.  My business module also allows the scope to develop beyond this specified age range.  I have so many different creative ideas in my head, that it is the perfect opportunity to translate these to suit different characters, ages and lifestyles.
The ideal “FFL customer” thrives on new experiences, embraces different cultures & lifestyles and actively seeks exhilarating life experiences/activities.
Music, theatre/The Arts play a big part in their lifestyle and their independent & free-spirited nature is expressed in their clothing.
Location of Business:  Lagos, Accra, South Africa

Strengths:    My strengths remain in being very creative and determined.

Initial Challenges faced:  Getting the right staff, and training them to suit my style, making them understand that they are ambassadors’ of the brand.

Main Inspiration: Taking something ordinary and make it extraordinary, that’s my main inspiration, the art of creating something fabulous sometimes from “nothing”.


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