Saturday, 29 June 2013

Concealer Tips by Lola Shuga (Place of Mode)

•How to properly apply concealer
-Apply several dots of concealer under the eye close to the lashes,apply a dot to the inside corners of d eyes using the finger or a brush with firm bristles.
-If you are using your finger,tap in the concealer using the pad of the middle finger(always tab,never rub),make sure to blend well,you can also use the index finger,there's no rule to it but the middle finger is more gentle.
-Apply concealer on other uneven spots on the face including the chin
and around the nose and mouth if need be and tap in.
-Apply another layer if you need more coverage.
-Concealer looks natural when you work in "sheer" layers and build it up gradually.
-Dust fine,loose powder over face to set in concealer "Loose powder applied with a fluffy brush is the secret to good concealer.

•To disguise dark under eye
     Best not to use the basic concealer to disguise dark undereye circles instead choose an "under eye concealer" specially formulated to cover up dark spots, this work by brightening the dark areas under the eyes. Instead of globbing a ton of concealer for under eye circles,combine light moisturizing concealer with face lotion so it dosnt look so dry and caked on.

•To cover up a pimple
     Use a stiff brush with a pointy fine tip to dab on a concealer that matches the skin tone.let the concealer dry,apply a second layer. If the concealer has been over done,use a tissue to gently buff the concealer away,if that doesn't work,use a makeup remover to gently apply to the pimple,then re-cover the pimple with concealer

•To shape the brow
     When shaping the brow,use a concealer that is a shade lighter than the current skin tone,it helps to define the brows and hide any stray hairs but shoudnt be that obvious especially when preparing for a photoshoot(because of d flash).

•Applying concealer before or after foundation depends on where you are using the concealer,for under eye circles,apply concealer first then foundation. For blemishes and pimple coverage,apply foundation first or the concealer will be rubbed away in the foundation application.

•For a natural makeup finish,apply concealer before foundation,after you hide pimples and skin discolouration,make sure to blend a bit of cream around the sides of your nose where you get unflaterring shadows.