Thursday, 31 October 2013

A Confident Model is .............

Easy to Spot

You can always tell which people walk around with confidence versus those that don't. It's the way they carry themselves, the body language used and the way they interact with others.

Confident models walk with heads held high, maintain eye contact with others and stand tall instead of slouching. There is an air about them that can't quite be explained or expressed except to say that they walk with confidence--whether it's into a casting call, modeling assignment or just running errands on an ordinary day.

Not Deterred by Rejection

Confident models aren't immune to rejection. What makes them truly confident is still possessing the same amount of confidence in themselves even after they've been rejected for an opportunity. Instead of breaking down and feeling sorry for themselves, they know it is only a temporary setback and are further motivated to do better next time. Because they understand that there are plenty of "next times."

Not an Ego Beast

There is such a thing as being too confident. Being arrogant and egotistical is not only unbecoming, it isn't what makes for a true model. Humility is one of the most prized traits for any model to have, regardless of the amount of success they enjoy. Humble and confident models recognize their good fortune but don't use it to put others down, criticize the competition or engage in shameless and unnecessary self promotion (aka "bragging").


A model who isn't threatened by the presence of another model is a prime example of exhibiting confidence in the industry. Confident models have no problem getting to know the other models during casting calls or shoots, are comfortable making small talk and--in many instances--even making friends. Catty divas and those who would rather cut eyes at colleagues rather than return a warm and genuine smile are anything but confident and are often the ones with the lowest self esteem.

A Positive Thinker

When you focus on putting out positive energy, positive things will come to you. Confident models know this and embrace it. They go into each go-see or casting call with the belief that they're the best candidate for the job. If they snag the opportunity, they're proud of themselves. If they don't, they still pat themselves on the back because they know they performed to the best of their ability.

Instead of griping about what they did wrong, making excuses or spending too much time on the "what ifs," they look forward to the next opportunity and believe that the missed assignment must mean they were meant for another gig that's bigger and better. Mind over matter is what confident models live by.

A Role Model

Anyone who is confident--model or not--tends to produce a great influence and affect on others. When you see somebody who is confident, it automatically makes you want to be, too. When people ask someone, "How do you stay so confident? What's your secret?" it opens up the door for the person being asked to positively influence others with their reply.

Confident models tend to be great leaders as well as role models because they serve as a living example of how life can be when you believe in yourself. And there's nowhere else this point carries more weight than in the modeling industry.

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