Thursday, 25 April 2013

How to Do Men's Makeup for a Photo Shoot


1.  Apply shaving cream and shave your face according to the photographer's specifications. Tweeze eyebrows lightly to remove any hair between your two eyebrows and to keep them thick and full.

2. Cleanse your face every day with a gentle facial cleanser. After drying, immediately apply facial moisturizer. This will keep your skin clear and soft. This will also create an ideal base for applying makeup.

3. Dab concealer lightly on any blemishes, discolorations, scars or under-eye circles. If the concealer matches your skin tone, it won't be visible in the photograph or to the person standing next to you. As an option, lightly cover with a foundation that also matches your skin tone, but note that the foundation will be more noticeable.

4. Dust your powder brush with translucent powder and shake off any excess. Apply the powder lightly to your entire face and neck, concentrating on covering the concealer. Apply powder so lightly that it is barely noticeable to anyone who sees you.

5. Illuminate your eyelashes and give them a fuller appearance with translucent mascara. Remove any clumps with your fingers.

6. Moisturize your lips with a clear, non-glossy moisturizer. Chapped lips aren't attractive in photo shoots, and they make your lips appear thin and cracking.

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