Thursday, 25 April 2013

Ready to Wear Dress by Tolumi.......TheFashionPeople

Tolumi Abiola, the creative designer and head fashion teacher at TFP is one who has been working in fashion since 1997. Although young, she started her career very early. Like she says 'I was born to be a fashionista'. One of the most striking aspects of her story into fashion is that she is self-trained. A trained registered and accredited dietician, she studied human nutrition and dietetics at the university of agriculture, Abeokuta and also went ahead to have her M.Sc. in public health human nutrition at the university of Ibadan. Having been opportuned to practice dietetics at the prestigious teaching hospital of the obafemi Awolowo University, she says, "I love dietetics. I care deeply about people, but fashion is my passion, it's who I was meant to be'. She officially started the TFP ready-to-wear label in 2008, and since then, she has not looked back. She started the TFP training school April 2011 and has trained over 50 fashion designers who are starting to storm the fashion world. She has been featured in a number of major Nigerian tabloids including the guardian. Having featured in major fashion shows like the Nigeria Fashion Week amongst others, she has become a force that has come to stay in the fashion world. Her fashion school boasts to be among the best in Nigeria with a very condusive environment for learning and a syllabus that spans across all major areas of fashion. She says fashion is a way of life, and a language which everyone speaks and we all understand.

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  1. Tolumi,u're doin a very good job,luvly designs,great work.Keep it up!